IVF. The Journey Begins - By Vorn

IVF. Eeek! After 13 months of hanging out on the waiting list our time has finally come.

It all started waaay back when I was just out of high school - I was diagnosed with Polycystic ovaries and told it would potentially be difficult for me to conceive. So, when I met Millen years later and he told me he had a total of around two sperms (nicknamed Alastair and Bruce), I thought our chances of having kids might be a bit slim.

As soon as we decided we were in this 'thing' (aka our relationship) for the long haul, we decided a trip to 'Fertility Associates' was in order. Millen had previously visited them a few years prior, so as soon as we walked into the clinic our friendly doctor recognised him immediately. "Ah yes", he said, "I remember those balls!" This calmed us down immediately and we signed on to the waiting list there and then. Oh, and one other thing, I was told I did NOT have polycystic ovaries. I was in fact misdiagnosed as a teenager, something that apparently happened quite a bit around that time. Huh! Go figure.

We sat on the waiting list for over 12 months, which was actually pretty perfect. During that time we got married and set up a new life over in the United States to come and go from (more about that later in other blogs).

Finally, we got the go ahead letter - we were up for a round of IVF in July. We excitedly jumped on a plane and whipped over to NZ, but my first 'baseline' scan revealed some issues - a cyst on one of my ovaries and a blood test that revealed I might have to get the little bugger surgically removed. I was told this round would be postponed and I had to make another appointment for a scan a week later.

Throughout that week, I meditated like a crazy buddhist, I Qi Gong'd like an obsessed Qi Gonger and I'm sure I had a million baths. Unfortunately, I also drank about 20 bottles of wine to ease the stress, which then stressed me out...! Thankfully, the wine must have helped because my second scan came around and the big bad cyst was GONE! They couldn't even find any remnant of it! 'That', they said was 'quite weird'. Mills and I were so proud of my body for expelling the foreign invader that we decided it was the perfect excuse to celebrate with a glass or two of mulled wine in Queenstown . So we went there to wait for the next cycle - August.

After getting stuck in a snow storm in Lake Tekapo, buying snow chains from a gas station at 6:30am in the morning, spending an hour figuring out how to put them on and then learning from Google that you can only drive 40 km/hour with them on, we finally made it to Christchurch. We boarded our flight with less than two minutes to spare, landed in Auckland and then passed the scan with flying colours. For our efforts we were given a beautiful green 'drug bag' filled with all sorts of IVF goodies.

And so the journey begins... dum dee dee doo...



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