IVF - Week one done! - By Vorn

Week one is DONE! Woop! We made it! And you know what? I'm loving these hormone drugs. Ha ha. I was prepared to go a little bit loopy, maybe curse at some drivers on the North Western motorway, possibly kill someone at netball? But weirdly I think they make me laugh more. The other night I Googled 'Do IVF fertility drugs make you laugh?' and according to a couple of sites I found, I might actually be on to something. These drugs affect your Oestrogen levels and given that Oestrogen is a 'happy hormone' it's entirely possible.

The injection part isn't super fun, but I’ve managed to turn it into sort of a game, like an acting gig or a role play. I’m sure I’m doing my 8 year old self proud when I get up every morning and ask my patient (me) how I’m feeling. Then I ask my nurse (Mills) if he could please turn the kettle on and sing me a song. The injections aren't really that bad, the needles are pretty short and thin and I've managed to accumulate a decent amount of 'chub chub' around my tummy button which makes it a bit easier. It must have been my secret plan to gain a few pounds just for this occasion (well that’s my excuse and I think it's a good one).

During this week of jabbing myself morning and night, I’ve been asking Aunty Google EVERYTHING! I think I'm pretty 'up with the play' now about anything to do with ovaries and I'm gathering an extensive assortment of random tidbits from various public forums. The world of IVF online is like entering another realm. There is even a whole language dedicated to it. So far I’ve deciphered TTC means ‘Trying to Conceive’, BFP is ‘Big Fat Positive' (as in pregnancy test), BFN is ‘Big Fat Negative', AF is 'Aunt Flo' (as in menstrual flow for all you gents) and FET is 'Frozen Embryo Transfer'. The support out there in Internet Land is really amazing too. It turns out a LOT of people struggle with fertility and everyone wants to chat about it.

Mills and I weren't initially going to chat about IVF at all, not to anyone, not even our friends. I’m not sure why we made this decision, we didn’t even really talk about it, it just seemed to be the ‘done thing’. You’re supposed to keep it quiet apparently, but once I started chatting to other people I was overwhelmed to find out just how many of my friends and family have had their own fertility struggles. So we decided to hell with it! Let’s write a blog! Ha ha.

I think talking about it is a good thing. It makes me feel better and also saves me from having to make up some fib about what I’m up to at the moment. Despite being an actor, I'm a terrible liar :)  My mum was a little worried and asked, but what if it all goes wrong? Well, it’s either going to work or it’s not, only time will tell and being honest about it isn’t going to stop it from working.



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