The Two Week Wait - by Vorn


Da dum, da dum, da da da da daah daah...

That’s the Two Week Wait music. It’s sort of like the Jaws soundtrack crossed with the Star Wars theme song and perhaps a touch of that lovely old Coronation Street trumpet we all know and love.

The Two Week Wait or ‘TTW’ as it's known online (which is actually only 10 days) is a confusing mish-mash of highs and lows, where you're constantly over-analysing every little bodily twinge. Could that little sneeze mean I’m up the duff? Was that enormous fart an early sign of life (or the nachos)? Do these 'pins and needles' mean there's a bun in the oven? I wouldn’t normally sob at the cinema, am I preggers? What the heck is going on?  (The film Wonder is amazing, btw. I absolutely love Julia Roberts and Owen Wilson). 

For the frozen embryo transfer, I was keen on a natural cycle (where I didn’t have to inject myself with any more hormones) and luckily I was given the OK to do that.  These doctors are so clever! After a week of blood tests they were able to calculate the exact time to insert the embryo back inside my body. But you know what? They can't do it all. I keep hearing and reading that IVF is a numbers game, "Hang in there 'Lovely' and eventually it will work!!’ The doctors can help make your uterus as homely as possible and they can even select specific embryos with a higher chance of implanting, but once Elsie the embryo is in there, her fate really is in the 'lap of the gods.' Then, the dreaded TWW begins.

After the egg collection, we didn’t get our embryos tested to see if there were any chromosomal abnormalities. I’m wishing now we did, but we weren’t quite as organised as perhaps we could have been. Miscarriages occur when the embryo cannot grow naturally because it doesn't have all the necessary parts to do so. For women 30 years of age, approximately 30% (maybe even higher) of her eggy weggies can be chromosomally abnormal. This is pretty high, right? And, the percentage grows, the older a woman gets. This makes me feel a bit better because if the whole process doesn’t work, I can tell myself it was never going to with that particular embryo. My uterus might be doing a brilliant job playing host, but that embryo was only ever booked in for a short stay. 

So for now, it’s all about distraction. A few more days to wait and all will be revealed. 

Holy smoke!



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