34 weeks and counting

Life’s been pretty crazy and we’re now living in Newport Beach, California.

34 weeks today! Whaaaaat? How did that happen?! It all happened so fast!

Actually, scratch that - I know exactly how it happened and it was all very scientific and planned. It also doesn’t feel like it happened that fast, getting to this point has definitely felt like 34 weeks, maybe even longer.

Turns out, I don’t think I’m a natural at being pregnant. Don’t get me wrong, I’m very grateful that I am pregnant, I just don’t think I necessarily like it. I feel terrible saying that. IVF is intense and we were extremely lucky it worked so quickly for us, but despite the gratefulness, I do have days where I can’t wait for it to be over. Only one month to go now! We’re in the last third of the third trimester. Woop!

Having something squirm around inside you really is the strangest feeling. The thought of this pre-pregnancy really scared the bejesus out of me. I was worried I’d feel just like John Hurt in the movie, Alien, imagining moments when I’d be able to actually see the outline of a foot coming through my stomach. It really does feel like there’s a little alien growing inside me and I’ve even seen the outline of a foot try and breach my stomach a few times. Creepy!

Sometimes I think she’s trying to bust out of there. She does this thing where she’ll springboard off my right rib (never my left) and then head-butt me in the ‘fufu’. I have to tell her to ‘relax, it’s not quite time yet, try and get some sleep’. Then Mills will bring his face close to my belly and sing her an out of tune lullaby and promptly get kicked in the head. I do think she’s going to have musical talent though. A few times in the middle of the night, I’ve woken up to what feels like she’s plucking my lowest rib like a guitar string. Twang twang…

She’s a very active baby. There have been moments she’s been so busy working out in there it’s made me run to the loo and hurl. Just like motion sickness. Specially when she pushes me in my stomach. It feels like I’m doing the ‘Fear Fall’ at Rainbows End. Or I’m on stage and I’ve forgotten not only my next line but everything about the play I’m supposed to be acting in.

Something amazing happened a few weeks ago when she was flipping around in there like a trapeze artist. Mills put his big warm hand on my tummy and she stopped! And it wasn’t just her that calmed down, so did I. Mills’s hands have suddenly become this weird soothing drug for both bubs and me. If I’m feeling a bit stressed out or nauseous or fed up with the 24 hour indigestion, he pulls out his magic hands and rubs my belly like I’m Buddha. It must be some chemical or hormonal thing, I don’t know, but it’s the most amazing, relaxing feeling. I’ll go from a 10 on the scale (having some sort of panic moment) to a 1 (sleeping without a care in the world in roughly two minutes).

Another favorite recent development - I feel like I can share a joke with bubsy when Mills is being an Egg. For example, tonight, Mills is out. He’s in LA (an hour away) for a class. I got a text message a while ago saying he lost the car. I spent the next 5 minutes having a giggle because this text didn't surprise me at all. He ALWAYS loses the car (or does something hilarious like flattens the battery because he ran the Air Con with the motor off or he backed it into a pole so the driver’s door no longer opens, that sort of thing) This time I had a little friend to share the joke with me. While I was cackling away, the baby got the hiccups, which happens daily, but I don’t think they were hiccups this time. I think she was having a good ole chuckle at her good ole dad.

Anywhoo, this pregnancy hasn’t been all wine and cheeses. I’ve had a lot of nausea, vomiting and indigestion etc but after writing this, I’ve realized despite all that uncomfortable stuff, maybe I HAVE been enjoying myself just a little bit. I can’t wait to meet this energetic, funny little baby. She’s on schedule to be born a Leo, so I realize she might keep us on our toes but I have a feeling she is going to be a good laugh like her dad and hopefully even half as wonderful.



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