Slow Pete - the animated Sperm series

Merry Xmas and Happy New Year everyone!

Vorny and I recently made the animated sperm series Slow Pete for TVNZ on Demand. They've also thrown the series on YouTube and you can find the 10 episode series below.

Episode 1 - Slow Pete is interviewed by an official, Shirley, about the possibility o being the 8th sperm selected for ejaculation.

Episode 2 - As Slow Pete, dopey Trudy and elderly Kevin wait for swimming class, they meet the buxom Sandy, one of the Top Gun sperms.

Episode 3 - Shirley teaches Trudy and Pete about the mental obstacles they will face if they are selected for ejaculation.

Episode 4 - Pete and Trudy attend a small Neighbourhood Watch meeting where 2 men talk about some older sperms who are trying to take out the younger ones.

Episode 5 - Pete and Trudy are trained in the gym by 2 loud talking Australian sperms.

Episode 6 - Pete and Trudy discuss their hopes and fears.

Episode 7 - Pete is called into a meeting with Shirley who recruits him into the A team.

Episode 8 - Pete meets up with Trudy and her large German friend - the Oracle.

Episode 9 - At ‘Penis End’, Pete awaits the inevitable Ejaculation.

Episode 10 - Pete and his SeMen land in a petrie dish with the Egg but she's closed for renovations.



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